White Glass Pipe Glow in The Dark 10cm

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Unique & Fun Pipe for Nighttime Relaxation


The White Glass Pipe Glow in The Dark 10cm is a beautiful, stylish and practical pipe made from high quality materials and guaranteed to last your customers for years to come.


This unique and fun pipe features a white glass design that glows in the dark and is ideal for use at night or in low light conditions. The glow in the dark effect is achieved using an additive that absorbs light during the day and emits light at night. This effect will last up to eight hours after exposure to light.


The glow effect is activated by UV light, so your customers will need to expose it to sunlight or a UV lamp first before it’s ready to use at night time.


The pipe comes complete with a screen and bowl and is perfect for anyone who loves to enjoy a relaxation time at night and needs a bit of help finding their way around!




  • Glow in the dark feature
  • Carb on one end, bowl on other
  • Small enough to fit in your customers’ pocket
  • Perfect for taking with your customers everywhere

This 10 cm-long white glass pipe, made from high quality borosilicate glass, is a great addition to any collection and its small size makes it easy for your customers take it with them wherever they go!   It’s perfect for any occasion, whether it be a party or just a night out with buddies, and would make a great gift for family or friends.


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