The natural way to maintain healthy sleep


Giving your body time to rest and recuperate is crucial to living life to the fullest, so enjoy a better tomorrow by starting today with a great night’s sleep, courtesy of Stay Asleep Capsules. We’ve combined equal ratios of CBD and CBN (12.5mg) with hops and 5-HTP to deliver an all-natural sleep experience.


By working together, the cannabinoids benefit from the entourage effect, with each compound supporting the body from head to toe. Meanwhile, hops contain a sophisticated blend of terpenes to enhance the overall impact, and 5-HTP plays a crucial role in serotonin production—a neurochemical involved in sleep, appetite, and mood disorders.


Without sleep, our body wouldn’t have the time it needs to repair cells, restore energy, regulate emotion, and process the vast amount of information we experience every day. In short, sleep is fundamental to thinking and feeling at our best. However, with the perils of modern living, it isn’t always easy staying asleep—that’s when Stay Asleep Capsules can help.


The exclusive formula works to soothe the body, contributing to healthy sleep and helping you get the rest you deserve.


How to use Cibdol Stay Asleep Capsules


Before sleep, take 1 capsule (daily) with water.


Cibdol Stay Asleep Capsules are perishable, so store the bottle in a cool, dry place after opening.