Mush Magic – Psilocybe Valhalla

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At Mush Magic, we believe that high-quality magic mushrooms and truffles should be made readily available for everyone. Hence, we’re always on the hunt for new varieties to sell through our ever growing online store.

These Valhalla truffles are an extremely rare variety, and very little is known about their origins. Some suggest Valhalla is a naturally occurring variety that only sprouts mushrooms in perfect conditions, while others suggest they are the result of expert breeding.

Whatever the real origins of these truffles, you can rest assured that we’ve rigorously inspected and tested them to ensure they meet our quality standards.

Valhalla is currently the strongest magic truffle variety available through on our site. In fact, they’re so strong we’ve decided to give them an overall strength rating of 6 out of 5 to avoid having to rebuild our entire scale and re-rank all of our existing stock.

While your individual experience with these truffles will vary depending on your mindset, surroundings, dosage, and a bunch of other variables, we can guarantee they’ll provide a trip like none you’ve ever experienced.

Prepare to experience intense visual hallucinations, a heavy onset of deep and profound thoughts, as well a strong feeling of unity with those around you.

Valhalla is exclusive to only a handful of mushroom dispensaries, making them an extremely sought-after and fast-selling item. To try them for yourself before we run out of stock, place your order today.



Given the strength of this variety, we suggest using a small dose of 7.5 grammes per person. Effects will usually kick in 30-60 minutes, at which point you can up your dose if necessary.

A small dose of 7.5 grammes will usually provide you with a mild trip characterised by some soft visuals, plenty of giggles, and some profound thoughts. Feel free to use more if you desire, but be prepared for a long, intense trip.

All of our truffles can be stored in the fridge in their original, unopened packages for 3-4 months. Once opened they’ll only last about 2 days.

All our orders are sent discreetly, without any attention-grabbing stickers or labels. Delivery time is roughly 1 business day within The Netherlands and 2-5 days within the European Union.

Remember, magic mushrooms and truffles aren’t party drugs. Many ancient cultures cherished them for their healing qualities and ability to stretch the human consciousness beyond its usual limits.

Never mix mushrooms with other drugs, including alcohol. Never drive after taking mushrooms, and always take them in the presence of a trip sitter (a sober person).

Our mushrooms and truffles are not suited for minors under the age of 18, people with mental disorders like anxiety or depression, nor expecting mothers.