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A large but compact Sativa-like hybrid with a powerful effect that will leave you wanting more; Our Cinderella Auto is bred to grow with a very high bud-leaf ratio, which means that your plant will develop many buds with just a few leaves, making it easier to trim and yield more. This variety can yield up to 550gr / m2, thanks to the multiple side branches that can reach the same length as the main cola. Despite the height of 120 cm, this variety still remains compact. The perfect strain for Sativa aficionados with limited grow space, you can expect a strong Sativa effect that will give you a happy and uplifted high, a motivated state of mind, and an overall good vibe paired with a deliciously fruity terpene profile of sweet peaches and ripe pineapple.

Description of the flower bud


Cinderella Auto produces thick dark green buds with large, elongated calyxes with lots of long amber hairs; despite their thickness, they have an airy appearance due to the atypical long hair that gives them an almost fluffy character.

Expect impressive trichome production that makes the buds look like they’ve been dusted with powdered sugar and a delicious blend of pineapple and peach, with a tropical scent that will make your mouth water.


Smoke report


This variety offers a strong, spicy, titillating high; expect a Sativa-dominant effect with a uplifting high that may take a while, but once it hits, it will focus your energy and put you in a cheerful and energetic mood.

Thanks to its Indica heritage, the strong head flush will gradually transition into a more relaxing effect that will not keep you glued to the couch, but will allow you to sit back and relax while enjoying the pleasant head flush that will last you for a long time. let it float.


Description of the Plant


This species grows quite high, up to 120 cm, and develops a long, thick main stem and thick branches that are full of buds from head to toe and that, if grown naturally, will reach almost the same height as the main stem.

Despite its height and thanks to its Indica traits, this hybrid grows quite compactly, making it a great choice for anyone looking to grow vigorous Sativas without worrying about vertical space.

Due to the fine mix of both Indica and Sativa genetics, your plant will not get much foliage, so expect small fan leaves and astonishing yields of up to 550gr / m2; An improved version of the classic strain, developed to offer better quality and higher yields.

Growing tips


This strain does not require much care, but make sure you feed your plants well so that the buds grow thick and large.

Given the size of the buds and the number of flowering places, it is advisable to provide support during the last weeks of flowering to ensure that the side branches can bear the weight and therefore do not break off.

We recommend a thorough flush to further enhance the terpene profile and bring out the delicious scents even more.




Expect a strong sweet taste of tropical pineapple and ripe peach that tastes almost like a tropical cocktail with a pine background and skunky undertones. The unique terpene blend creates a soft smoke that gently hits the throat and makes your mouth taste like you just ate a tropical citrus candy.