FB – Original Trainwreck Auto

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A fast flowering hybrid variety suitable for all types of growers, it is a grow-friendly strain that takes 9 weeks from seed to harvest, grows up to 120cm high and delivers 550g / m2 without much maintenance or extra effort. Expect powerful nugs that will turn heads, thanks to the sweet pine sol terpenes that scent the entire room as soon as you light the joint; This variety will be a favorite once you experience its exceptional effects. These may not seem overly potent at first, but slowly creep up on you and get you high for hours on end.

Description of the Flower bud


Trainwreck Auto’s buds grow quite thick, with lots of bright yellow-orange hairs wrapping around the medium calyxes, complementing the light green buds beautifully. Expect extremely dense buds that grow in stacks and eventually look like one giant nug in each branch. You will be amazed by the trichome production, the sugary nugs from which colorful leaves come out will cover your fingers with resin and, as soon as you start grinding them, overwhelm you with a sharp lemony pine sol, with a hint of sourness and a spicy background.


Smoke report


After a few hits you will experience a very cozy and invigorating head flush that will put you in a comfortable mood and feel good about everything and everyone; the long-lasting, stimulating effect creates a very calm and focused state of mind with a relaxed edge in the beginning.

The energizing effect will gradually transition into a more Indica-like high that deeply relaxes your muscles and relieves pain without leaving you too numb, an ideal choice for those who want to stay alert in the morning and after the workday. relax.


Description of the Plant


This auto-bloomer grows a bit taller and can reach a height of 120 cm, while it grows quite compact and bushy. Dark green fan leaves emerge everywhere, and there are a few side branches that can grow as high as the main cola.

Thanks to its Sativa heritage, this variety yields the same amount as it grows; expect yields ranging from 350-500gr / m2, making it an ideal choice for all types of growers looking for a low maintenance and fast flowering version of the classic.

Growing tips


This variety requires no special attention and grows great without any kind of guidance, but you can get an even better yield by using an LST technique to spread the foliage.

We recommend using 12L pots so that your plant can grow and shine to the maximum.

It is recommended that you flush for at least 7 days to ensure that you flush the excess nutrients from the growing medium and roots, further enhancing the already potent terpenes and giving you the true flavor and aroma of experience this species.




This strain offers a unique and complex blend of sweet lemon and pine scents on the inhalation and pronounced peppery and spicy undertones on the exhale. A truly potent powerhouse with a terpene profile that delivers a smooth smoke and covers your mouth for an eternity with a delicious bittersweet sharpness.