FB – Original Big Bud Auto

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This is a fast growing and high yielding variety that can produce up to 500gr / m2 in 63 days while growing up to 120cm. Despite her size, she is super easy to care for and requires little maintenance other than basic nutrition. This strain is probably one of the best for beginner growers who want an easy strain without sacrificing yield and quality. You can expect lots of thick dark green buds that give off a pleasant fruity, sweet and floral aroma with a strong piney and earthy background.

Description of the Flower bud


Big Bud Auto does exactly what it was bred to do: expect big, sturdy and super-thick buds, typical of Indica-dominant strains, with long dark brown hairs coming out of all calyxes.

This variety has a good calyx / leaf ratio, which means that the buds remain large after trimming and almost all trichomes develop on the nugs; an exceptional strain for novice growers who want to harvest the best buds without too much maintenance or extra effort.


Smoke report


After a few tokes, you will experience a familiar high that will take you back to the 90s. This variety offers a light yet present head flush combined with a moderate body buzz that completely relaxes you and relieves muscle pain.

A perfect effect for people who want to chill on the sofa while watching TV, the relaxing effect will make you feel like you are lying on a cloud as you sit back and unwind. Just remember that this is an Indica-dominant hybrid, so make sure to smoke it in moderation, as excessive smoking will definitely keep you glued to the couch and put you to sleep.


Description of the Plant


Thanks to the fine genetic mix, this strain is not afraid to show its hybrid vigor and can produce up to 500gr / m2 of top quality buds; This tall variety grows very tall, with a sturdy trunk and side branches that give this species a stocky appearance, while reaching up to 120cm in height. The long main stem and long side branches provide multiple flowering sites on the upper part, with not too many small fan leaves.

Growing tips


This is a resistant hybrid that does not require any extra attention to grow properly; just make sure you feed her good quality nutrients in the right amounts and you will get excellent results both outdoors and indoors. As a result of the Indica genetics, the buds grow denser than normal, so it is essential that you lightly tie the branches so that there is sufficient air flow between the buds to prevent mold and insects. This variety doesn’t require much maintenance or extra effort, but don’t forget to feed it well with high quality nutrients. This way you guarantee that the buds will grow well and that your plant will not suffer from nutritional deficiencies.




You experience a taste very similar to the aroma, but a little more detailed. This strain offers a pleasantly sweet, fruity and floral terpene blend with a hint of skunk blend that will captivate your taste buds on the inhale and, on the exhale, gradually reveal a slightly more piney and earthy background, along with the sweet, floral and fruity main flavors. which are still very much present.