An All-in-one Accessory for Your Customers


Check out our wholesale Monkey King KS Slim Papers + 60mm Grinder Blue Edition (12pcs/display), the perfect combo accessory for the discerning customer.


Each pack of KS slim papers contains 12 packs of neatly arranged rolling papers. Made by Monkey King from purely natural and environmentally friendly material, your customers got no worries about polluting the environment. These slim nice papers made from 100% vegetable fiber paper burn slowly as your customers enjoy the relaxation and contentment that comes from every puff.


The slim papers come with pre-perforated tips, zero toxins, and zero dye, and the result is a seamless calming experience for your customers.


Top Features of Wholesale Monkey King KS Slim Papers:


Ensure that your customers’ herbs retain their original flavor and aroma


100% vegetable fiber paper made without toxins or dyes


King size


Slow burning with perforated tips


12 pieces in a display case


Blue attractive color and the iconic Monkey King graphics


Everything in the Pack is Blue for Ultimate Calm and Serenity


Our Wholesale Monkey King KS Slim Papers come with a grinder for your customers to break their herbs for an improved smoking experience. Twelve packs of slim rolling papers and a grinder, all themed blue and neatly arranged in an open display box to exude serenity and optimal calmness.


The 60mm grinder made of plastic makes grinding easy and easy to clean, just by wiping since it is not sticky.


An attractive flowery blue pack draws your customers’ attention and its medium size makes it portable, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


Buy wholesale Monkey King KS slim papers and grinder and watch your daily sales increase remarkably.