Glass Pipe Yellow Bee 13cm

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A Full Flavor Experience


This glass pipe yellow bee edition from Urban Crew is the real deal. It’s a known fact that your Cannabis is full of terpenes, and the terpenes are responsible for that flavorful, aromatic feel that comes with each draw. This product helps your customers get the best from their precious herb, and it’s a must-have for your store. The flavor of the herb is preserved with this pipe, unlike metal or wood pipes made from materials that give a metallic aftertaste. We offer wholesale Glass Pipe Yellow Bee for a great price!


Ability To Be Discrete


Everyone loves their recreational or medical marijuana. Still, in a world with various persons holding conflicting views, you will need a product that offers some form of discrete enjoyment. Whether your clients have uptight roommates or nosey neighbors, this small glass pipe is their go-to discrete option. It’s also a good one for the road due to its durability and lightweight. This glass pipe has nice curves that will fit perfectly in your customer’s palms. Buy wholesale Glass Pipe Yellow Bee and enjoy quick sales and high returns.


While customers often see bongs as products that could easily break, this glass pipe has nine lives like the proverbial feline. It can take some jostling around without cracking. It can also withstand higher temperatures, so that your customers can burn their herbs all they want. You can now buy wholesale Glass Pipe Yellow Bee at prices that assure High-profit margins.


Super Easy To Clean


One of the quickest ways to ruin a smoking experience is to smoke buds out of a dirty, resin-filled bowl. The smoke is harsher when the pipe is messy, but it’ll also taste stale and just plain bad. Luckily, the yellow bee glass pipes are super easy to clean and keep in a hygienic state. Yellow is also a bright color that sparks happy feelings. The design of this product is attractive, just as bees are to honey. Buy wholesale Glass Pipe Yellow Bee and get sales moving like never before!