FB – West Coast OG Automatic

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Bud description
West Coast OG buds are bright green and despite their compact build, the dense coating of crystals give them an almost fluffy look. Like a sugary donut these buds will stick to your fingers and leave sprinkles of crystals wherever you leave it, so make sure to have a recipient to not lose any of that precious powder.

Smoke report
Two waves of effects can be expected when using this strain; the first, an uplifting euphoric high, energetic and bubbly. The second wave, slowly creeps in as you’ll notice the energetic vibes fade out, and slowly progress into a more relaxing “chill on the couch” feeling. That said, these effects aren’t sedative, and will most likely leave you giggling watching some Comedy central or your favorite sitcom.

Plant Appearance
This west coast queen will develop a large main cola, topping a stem filled with multiple bud sites, good internodal spacing and some light side branches. Growing at a medium pace to around 70-100 cm, she’s a feisty producer for her size, producing up to 650g/m2. A sturdy plant that’ll forgive any new growers mistakes.

Grow Tips
Due to her compact build and good internodal spacing, she’ll respond very nicely to SCROG, SOG, or LST. Watch out for the plant tends to stretch in the last weeks of vegetating, but won’t surpass 1 meter in height. A hefty producer and will do even better with the adequate dosage of water and nutrients. Overall an easy going plant that’s great for newbies and pros looking for classic genetics alike.

A strong kushy taste that’s defined by dominant pine tastes and underlain by citrusy hints, giving the smoke rough but sweet and with that unique OG Kush taste that’s the staple of all the best modern genetics.