FB – Tangie’Matic

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Bud description

Bright green buds with subtle purple hues covered with orange pistils give this strain some damn good bag appeal. These tight frosty buds can rival the heaviest indicas. Sativa nugs have never looked so dense.

Smoke report

A fully functional sativa high without any head rush. This is the perfect strain for daytime and getting stuff done. Many users claim Tangie’Matic helps maintain focus and is a great kickstart to recreational and laborious activities alike.

Plant Appearance

Reaching up to 130cm, Tangie’Matic lives up to her sativa lineage. She produces a tall main cola with impressive side branches to match, which pack on thick with citrusy aromatic buds during the flowering stage. Tangie’Matic’s flower to leaf ratio is impressive so trimming should be a breeze. Considerable internodal spacing make it perfect for LST as well as SCROG set-ups to maximize her already sizeable yield.

Grow Tips

Tangie’Matic performs great outdoors, and with some training, even in stealthy balcony grows. Given her height, LST is highly recommended to control the stretch as well as increase her already hefty yield, which is around 500g/m2. Due to her strong aromas, a carbon filter will be needed. She’s a heavy eater, so be ready to feed her frequently. Afterwards be sure to flush to optimize the flavor profile.


This strain packs a Tangie punch. Sweet earthy notes accompanied by sharp orange flavors, give this citrusy strain it’s famous mouth-watering flavor profile. Be sure to give a nice long cure to bring out all the delicious terps.