Fall asleep liquid – Meladol formula – 30ml

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Meladol is now on many people’s bedside tables. This all-natural formula with melatonin and CBD works with your body to promote a healthier sleep schedule. But because we understand more and more how the needs of our customers differ, we also adjust our sleep range accordingly.


But don’t worry, the Meladol formula you’ve come to rely on remains exactly the same. We only give our product a brand new brand name, so that it fits better in our renewed sleeping range. Fall Asleep, like our other popular sleep products, helps you get the rest you deserve.


Why from Meladol to Fall Asleep?


People’s sleep needs are very different. Some have trouble falling asleep, others find it difficult to sleep more than a few hours at a time. The ideal supplement depends on your sleep needs, which is exactly why we’ve expanded our sleep range! The name Fall Asleep, first Meladol, better describes how it can help you and how it differs from other sleep products, such as Complete Sleep.


• The name change to Fall Asleep is our way of making it easier for you to know which CBD sleep aid is right for you. The size of the bottle, the number of drops, the dosage instructions and the ingredients (CBD and melatonin) – everything else remains the same.


Fall Asleep: now available as liquid or capsules


A few drops of Fall Asleep, fifteen minutes before going to sleep, is ideal to promote a good night’s sleep. However, some people prefer capsules for convenience. That is why we are also introducing Fall Asleep capsules at the same time as the new brand name!


The capsules also contain exactly the same formula that you know from us; it’s just another way to experience the benefits of our unique CBD and Melatonin formula. Read more about our Fall Asleep capsules in this article .


Whatever your sleep needs, know that Cibdol is always there for you. Whether you want to fall asleep faster or stay asleep longer, our range of sleep supplements will help you achieve this. Fall Asleep is our way of helping you live a healthy and balanced life!