A natural solution to a peaceful night’s sleep


A restful night’s sleep gives the mind and body much-needed downtime, and prepares us for the challenges ahead. Feeling energised, motivated, and ready to seize the day all starts with the quality of our sleep the night before. But in a world that never stops, falling asleep and staying asleep aren’t as easy as they sound—that’s why we developed Complete Sleep.


While most sleep aids include melatonin—an excellent compound for restoring short-term sleep quality—consuming it night after night can cause disruption. Complete Sleep is a long-term solution to restful sleep that contains zero melatonin. Instead, we’ve opted for a sophisticated blend of cannabinoids and natural ingredients.


First, let’s start with the foundation of our Complete Sleep formula—our coveted hemp extract. Golden-grade CBD remains at the forefront of our full-spectrum extract; however, we’ve refined the ratios to include greater levels of CBN (5%). Together, these elements work to encourage the relaxed state necessary to achieve an entire night’s sleep.


In addition to CBD and CBN, the Complete Sleep formula harnesses lavender and chamomile. Highly regarded for their influence on sleep, both can help you fall asleep faster while encouraging a healthy sleep cycle. Carried by MCT oil, all of these elements circulate the body with ease—perfect for consuming 30 minutes before sleep.


Backed by independent testing, the highest-quality ingredients, and industry-leading quality assurance, our exclusive formula is a premium solution you can take night after night. To achieve the sleep you deserve, try Complete Sleep today.


How to use Cibdol Complete Sleep


Take one full dropper (1ml) roughly 30 minutes before going to sleep. Repeat nightly to encourage restful sleep.

To maintain Complete Sleep’s integrity, store it at room temperature in a dry and dark location.