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CBH – CBD Power Sleep Gummy Bears, 60pcs

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That is why we, at Cannabis Bakehouse, have included these CBD power sleep gummies in our range. They are powerful tools that are kind to all your organs that can sometimes be ravaged by ordinary medication. With 10mg CBD per gummy bear, it is easy to dose and you can easily choose your own dosage.


We left out the THC because it is not the intention to get high or stoned, but we did add Melatonin. You normally make this substance yourself in your pineal gland or epiphysis, which is located somewhere in your brain. This gland releases the sleep hormone, depending on the time of day. This ensures a healthy sleep-wake rhythm, but with certain people this is disrupted. A disturbed sleep rhythm can make you cranky, feel listless and eventually, if it lasts for a long time, you get sick. High time to experience the benefits of our CBD power sleep gummies! CBD Gummie bears with Melatonine for a powerfull and restfull night of sleep!