Add A Bit Of Color To Your Kit


Done in a swirl of the colors in a rainbow, our wholesale Abstract Fluid Colors Glass Pipe definitely makes a statement. It is a must-have for your customers looking to add a little color to their kit!


Our wholesale Abstract Fluid Colors Glass Pipe is so beautifully created, expertly planned, and eye-catching that it makes other pipes look insignificant. Our wholesale Abstract Fluid Colors Glass Pipe creates enthralling patterns with its vibrant colors in three dimensions. And when users light it up, the colors will only get more vivid.


Incorporating these products into your inventory is a surefire way to draw in a particular demographic of customers.


All-Round Perfection


Our wholesale Abstract Fluid Colors Glass Pipe are not just works of art, they are also highly functional pieces. They are a beautiful swirl of colors yet feature the most important parts of a smoking pipe – the carb hole, mouthpiece, and bowl for the product. They are beautiful to look at and amazing to use.


It measures about 4 inches in length and is small enough to be slipped into a pocket, purse, or bag when not in use or for a trip. These glass pipes are made of high heat resistant laboratory-grade glass. These solid inside-out double blown glass pipes are beautifully done in brilliant colors with abstract swirling patterns to keep your customers coming.


Buy today in wholesale prices from Simply Green, start selling in your store, and watch your profits grow.